Collaboration in Standardisation: EUMEPS supports the “Navigating the c-PCR EPD Revision for Thermal Insulation” Event

On January 17, the “Navigating the c-PCR EPD Revision for Thermal Insulation: Harmonising Sustainability Horizons” conference marked a significant step in the journey towards a more sustainable thermal insulation industry. Held at the Residence Palace, this collaboration, led by Eurima (European Insulation Manufacturers Association) and supported by EUMEPS and PU Europe, was a great example of the power of unity in European Insulation. This platform brings together the main insulation industry, transcending material boundaries and fostering a shared vision for a sustainable future. 


Embracing the c-PCR Challenge 

The event’s agenda was centred around the European Union’s goals for thermal insulation and the integral role of complementary Product Category Rules (c-PCR). These rules are essential for creating equitable and practical standards across the insulation industry, benefiting both manufacturers and end-users. The discussions delved into the challenges and opportunities presented by c-PCR, emphasising its impact on the industry’s capability to accurately assess and report environmental impacts. The focus was on creating a harmonised approach to sustainability that caters to the diverse needs of the industry while aligning with the EU’s environmental objectives. 


Expert Panel and Insightful Discussions 

The event brought together industry experts and stakeholders, including members of CEN/TC 88, the European Technical Committee for Standardization of insulation materials, along representatives from the European Commission and the European thermal insulation market. The expert panel, featuring Olympia Dolla, Julia Goerke, Andreas Holm, Oscar Nieto Sanz, Piet Vitse, Michael Medard, and Christophe Sykes as moderators, provided valuable insights and led thought-provoking discussions. These conversations explored the pathways from our current practices to the future we aspire to create, highlighting the importance of developing uniform Product Category Rules and clearly defined scenarios for thermal insulation. 


Building a Sustainable Future 

The conference also highlighted the importance of a collective understanding and approach towards c-PCR. As Europe strives towards its sustainability goals, the thermal insulation industry has a crucial role to play. A unified grasp of c-PCR principles will enable the industry to effectively contribute to these goals, ensuring that environmental considerations are at the forefront of product development and standardisation. The quality of c-PCR directly influences how easily we can calculate and compare the environmental impact of different insulation materials, thereby fostering transparency and accountability within the industry. The main goal is to use it for the assessment of the embodied carbon at the building level. 


EUMEPS’ Role and Commitment 

As a key supporter of this event, EUMEPS reaffirms its commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the EPS industry and beyond. We recognise the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in achieving the European Green Deal’s objectives. Our role extends beyond advocating for EPS; it encompasses driving the conversation around sustainability and standardisation in the thermal insulation sector. We are dedicated to showcasing EPS as a smart choice in packaging and insulation, contributing to a climate-neutral and resource-efficient Europe.


The “Navigating the c-PCR EPD Revision for Thermal Insulation” event was more than just a workshop; it was a call to action for everyone involved in the thermal insulation industry. EUMEPS invites industry stakeholders, policymakers, and European citizens to be part of this journey. Your engagement, insights, and support are vital in shaping a more sustainable and resilient thermal insulation industry. 

Together, we have the power to drive change and create a level playing field for all materials in the insulation industry. Join us in our mission to advance standardisation and sustainability in thermal insulation. Let’s work collaboratively to build a future that not only meets Europe’s environmental objectives but also paves the way for a more sustainable world.