EUMEPS General Meeting in Prague

After two years in which COVID prevented our members from meeting in person, EUMEPS held its General Meeting in Prague on 23 November. Considering the significant changes that occurred in EUMEPS during the last year, it was an opportunity to come together again and (re-)build bridges. The very high turnout of more than 60 participants showed that also EUMEPS’ members embraced this chance to exchange and network. Ahead of the General Meeting, the various “blood groups” (RMS Group, Converter Group and the Lobby Network) met. During these meetings, EUMEPS staff briefed the members on the essential topics EUMEPS is currently working on and gathered input from the participants.

At the General Meeting itself, the budget for 2023 was approved, the Articles of Association were adopted and the new EUMEPS branding, comprising a new logo, a new corporate design and a new website were presented to the members.

EUMEPS would like to thank all participants for coming to Prague and for the fruitful discussions. In particular, we would like to thank Pavel Zemene from Sunpor, the head of the Czech EPS association Sdružení EPS ČR, for helping us to smoothly organize the event and Synthos for the kind financial support. To view the pictures of the event please follow this link.