Insulation and Sustainability: EUMEPS’ Insights from the Belgian Renovation Week

The Belgian Renovation Week held in Brussels from the 15-18 January 2024, a significant event for industry leaders and policymakers in sustainable building, provided EUMEPS, represented by Technical Advisor Jakub Stefaniak, with an opportunity to engage in important discussions about the future of the building sector. The event, spanning four days, was not only a showcase of ideas but also a platform for vital policy-making discussions, as noted by EUMEPS Technical Advisor, Jakub Stefaniak.


The Pulse of Renovation: Insights from the Ground

The event’s agenda was meticulously crafted to provide a holistic view of the current state and future trajectory of building renovations in the EU. Each day was organised by different regions of Belgium, highlighting the regional specifics of sustainable building practices. Jakub Stefaniak, representing EUMEPS, remarked, “The goal of the event was to provide the update, details and remaining challenges to the buildings renovation standards and legislation.” This focus aligns seamlessly with EUMEPS’ commitment to promoting EPS insulation as a key component in achieving the European Green Deal’s objectives.


EUMEPS and the Renovation Wave: A Symbiotic Relationship

With the EU’s ambitious Renovation Wave strategy aiming to double renovation rates by 2030, EUMEPS’ participation in the Belgian Renovation Week was more than timely. As Jakub Stefaniak pointed out, “The Belgian presidency is now responsible for the finalisation of the Construction Products Regulation and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.” This highlights the crucial role of EPS products in not only enhancing energy efficiency but also in adhering to evolving regulatory frameworks. EUMEPS’ advocacy for EPS, a fully recyclable material, resonates with the event’s core messages of sustainability and circularity.


Regional Insights and Future Directions

A noteworthy aspect of the event was the participation of government officials from each Belgian region, providing insights into incentives for building renovations and research and development. These discussions underscored the importance of regional approaches to tackle the renovation challenges. Jakub Stefaniak observed, “There were speeches of people from the government of each region with details related to the incentives on building renovations and research and development.” These regional perspectives are extremely important for EUMEPS and its members to better understand the best approach to different European markets and regulatory environments.


The Belgian Renovation Week was a melting pot of ideas, challenges, and solutions, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. EUMEPS’ presence and participation in this event, through the lens of Jakub Stefaniak, reinforced the association’s commitment to the European Green Deal and its objectives. The event not only provided a platform for learning and exchange but also highlighted the indispensable role of EPS in the future of sustainable building.

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