EUMEPS on Sustainable Waste Management: Endorsing Amendments to the Waste Framework Directive

In a pivotal move to enhance sustainability and the circular economy, EUMEPS, along with a broad coalition of business organisations and NGOs, has co-signed an important letter addressed to the Members of the ENVI Committee. This letter advocates for amendments to the Waste Framework Directive (WFD), highlighting the necessity for improved waste management practices throughout Europe.


The Pressing Need for Enhanced Waste Management

Europe is confronted with the challenge of effectively managing its recyclable waste, with many Member States finding it difficult to achieve the recycling targets set in EU law. The prevalent practice of incinerating and landfilling recyclable materials is a significant barrier to the advancement of a circular economy. The letter co-signed by EUMEPS focuses on this essential issue and supports an expansion of the WFD proposal to tackle it effectively.


Proposed Amendments for a Circular Economy

At the heart of the letter is the support for Amendments 291, 292, 293, 294, and 465, which propose the sorting of mixed waste to recover recyclable materials before their disposal in incineration or landfill sites. This key step is fundamental for reclaiming valuable resources, aligning with the principles of the circular economy. Research suggests that these amendments could result in recycling nearly 10 million tonnes of waste and generating around 23,700 jobs across the EU.


A United Effort for Sustainable Change

EUMEPS, in collaboration with its partners, is dedicated to promoting sustainable waste management practices. The coalition’s endorsement of these amendments reflects a unified commitment to a more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly Europe. This initiative highlights the collective effort required to effectuate impactful changes in waste management policies.


As EUMEPS leads the way in advocating for sustainability and the circular economy, we urge all stakeholders – including EU regulators, policymakers, industry experts, and European citizens – to support these essential amendments to the Waste Framework Directive. By embracing these modifications, we can all play a part in fostering a greener, more sustainable future for Europe. Join us in supporting these amendments and contributing to shaping a more resilient and eco-conscious continent.

Your participation is crucial. Collaborate with us to revolutionise waste management in Europe and lay the foundation for a sustainable future. Engage and express your support for the proposed amendments to the Waste Framework Directive. Together, we can effect meaningful change.