Welcome to IsolKappa: EUMEPS’ Newest Addition

EUMEPS recently welcomed its latest member, the Italian insulation firm, IsolKappa. Originally established in 1991 as “Sud Imballi”, IsolKappa had a vision of promoting EPS products across sectors like catering, agriculture, and industry.

By 2004, under the Rinaldi family’s leadership, the company pivoted to focus on the construction sector, predicting the growing role of EPS. This change was bolstered by significant R&D investments. By 2009, “Sud Emballi” rebranded to “IsolKappa”, reflecting their core values and a renewed dedication to customer service.

2018 marked a transformative phase for IsolKappa. Within just 11 months, they revamped their operations, embracing automation, digitisation, and modern interconnectivity. The result was an advanced, energy-efficient, and sustainable facility in Battipaglia.

Jürgen Lang, Director General of EUMEPS, visited the IsolKAppa’s facilities in the Italian Campania. It showcased IsoKappa’s commitment to innovation. Utilising Industry 4.0 principles, they’ve integrated the Internet of Things seamlessly. Autonomous transporters streamline storage operations, moving expanded polystyrene with efficiency, while their production line boasts state-of-the-art automation.


Welcome, IsolKappa!