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New EPS recycling method

Nov 28 2016

Last year, the industry and authorities were invited to ICL IP Europe in Terneuzen , and it was decided to take a proactive stance for the entire value chain by supporting the creation of a demo plant for recycling EPS building and construction waste, using the’ Creasolve’ concept. This to be ready for closing the loop and to offer an industry concept that can deal with the growing volumes of construction waste that will finally originate from the demolition of buildings in the coming decades. The purpose of the foundation is to prepare the ground work for the demo plant. The demo plant will be operated by a separately funded entity.

The original core team that constituted representatives from Sunpor, Unipol, Synbra, ICL-IP Europe and EUMEPS , has now been extended into a project management core team with representatives from the entire value chain. It has received support from the Flame retardant producers (EFRA), the EPS bead producers (Plastics Europe-EPS/MC), XPS board producers (EXIBA), EPS converters (IVH, Stybenex and EUMEPS) and System applicators (FVWVDS and EAE) . Also EPS recyclers (KRAS, ECOFILL, de Vries) are now actively involved. More companies are invited to participate.