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Position-Mass Balance Chain and EPD

Sep 19 2022

Mass balance is crucial for the transition of the construction sector towards a circular economy.

Reducing the carbon footprint of construction products and transitioning the construction sector to a circular economy is a major challenge for the industry. The use of renewable and/or recycled raw materials in the chemical production of construction products saves fossil resources and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. To access more sustainable products and become a driver for the use of renewable and/or chemically recycled resources, customers must be allowed to account by chain-of-custody methods like mass balance credit. This is the only solution to quickly grow the supply of more sustainable products with existing at-scale technologies for the benefit of the customer.

In order to take advantage of these sustainable solutions, the mass balance credit method as chain-of-custody must be recognized for renewable/recycled feedstocks in European standards and for EPD Program Operators.
Read more in a position paper.