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EPS supply HBCD free

Nov 28 2016

HBCDD authorisation
An authorization was granted on 8.1.2016 to a consortium of companies in accordance with Article 60(4) of Regulation (EC) for two HBCDD uses: “Formulation of flame retarded expanded polystyrene (EPS) (for onward use in building applications only)” and “Manufacture of flame retarded expanded polystyrene (EPS) Articles (for onward use in building applications only)”. These authorizations allowed consortium-member companies to use HBCDD in the production of raw materials and their customers to use such material in the production of expanded articles for building applications up to 21st August 2017.

Availability of alternative flame retardants
In the opinion of the companies mentioned in this press release, this authorization was only needed to serve as an insurance, in case of insufficient availability of alternatives. However, well in advance of the original sunset date of 21st August 2015, the above parties started producing Flame Retarded EPS grades with new HBCDD-free formulations.
The availability of REACH-compliant alternative flame retardants from various suppliers is now good and it is possible to guarantee regular supply of FR EPS grades in HBCDD-free formulations.

The European EPS Market is supplied only with HBCDD free EPS:
Supply of EPS of all of the above companies is HBCDD free.
To give a clear message to the market that HBCDD is no longer used, it was decided to announce the withdrawal of the companies, mentioned in this press release, from the authorization to use HBCDD. Each individual company that has obtained this authorization is finalizing the formalities of the withdrawal with the EU authorities.