Pioneering Insulation for Sustainability: energystore’s Contribution to Circular Economy

Credit: courtesy of energtystore Ltd.

As the world embraces the ethos of sustainability, the search for materials that balance current demands with environmental foresight has become paramount. Energystore Ltd embodies this pursuit, working in tandem with the National Insulation Association of Ireland (NIAI) – an EUMEPS member – to advance the circular economy. Their superbeads EPS bead insulation is more than a product; it’s a declaration of sustainable intent, merging ecological responsibility with leading-edge efficiency.


Full Fill Certainty: The superbead® Advantage in Modern Construction

Energystore superbead® insulation is a shining example of the potential of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in the insulation sector. Applicable to both new builds and retrofitting, its installation process ensures a complete and even fill within cavity walls, effectively preventing heat loss and energy inefficiency. Andrew Rennie, Retrofit Manager at energystore Ltd, emphasizes the product’s reliability: “The unique flow of EPS bead insulation assures full fill certainty, tackling common insulation challenges with controlled product density.” This not only enhances the building’s thermal envelope but also contributes to a reduction in heating and cooling costs, supporting a more sustainable living environment.


Benchmarking Efficiency: superbead®’s Technical Superiority and Environmental Merits

The energystore superbead®’s outstanding thermal performance is quantified by its thermal conductivity rating of 0.033 W/mK, indicating a high level of insulation efficiency akin to a thermos-maintaining temperature. This efficiency is a key factor in the product’s life cycle analysis, which reveals the lowest embodied emissions among insulation materials—a critical metric as the industry shifts toward more eco-conscious practices. The comprehensive training of installers and the stringent quality controls uphold the company’s commitment to excellence. Andrew Rennie’s insight on the meticulous training process underlines the importance of precision: “Our training covers all system aspects, emphasizing the correct bead-to-glue ratio to maintain.”


Innovating for the Future: energystore+ and the Zero-Waste Paradigm

Innovation is at the heart of energystore’s ethos, evidenced by the recent development of the new energystore TLA® product. This forward-thinking innovation amalgamates EPS beads with concrete to provide a non-combustible, A2 fire classified product. It’s designed for diverse applications such as floor and roof insulation, and it champions a zero-waste approach with rapid application times. Such advancements are pivotal in reinforcing energystore’s position as a frontrunner in the insulation industry. This product along with the energystore wall solution is available in the energystore+ range which reduces the amount of embodied carbon generated during the life cycle of the product.   This reinforces their commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of construction materials.

Energystore Ltd’s approach goes beyond mere product development—it’s about shaping a sustainable future for the construction industry. The low environmental impact and superior thermal performance of superbead® insulation, alongside the active collaboration with NIAI, exemplify a steadfast dedication to sustainability. In the words of Andrew Rennie, “Being a member of the NIAI allows us to be at the forefront of industry developments and work together to meet our climate change goals.”

This synergy between EUMEPS, energystore, and NIAI is fundamental in driving the EPS industry toward a more resilient and sustainable horizon.