Breaking Ground: Setting a New Standard in the Polish Market with the #poznajstyropian Campaign

In a significant development that signals a shift in the insulation landscape, the Polish market has launched an unparalleled educational initiative dubbed the #poznajstyropian campaign. Launched in September 2023 with plans to expand across European markets, this partnership raises some compelling questions: What is driving this ambitious project? What challenges is it poised to address? And more importantly, how does it plan to reshape the insulation market?


A Campaign with a vision: what sets it apart?

The #poznajstyropian campaign isa pioneering initiative to rewrite the narrative around styroboard insulation made of expanded polystyrene (EPS). The campaign is addressed to individual investors, architects, developers and contractors. It is based on independent comparative research of various insulating materials and is based on simple, understandable messages tailored to specific recipient groups. Backed by EUMEPS, the campaign aims to make a profound impact on the market. Through exhaustive studies, it also aims to bolster the public perception of EPS styroboard insulation, including energy efficiency tests and extensive media campaigns. It’s also providing an energy efficiency calculator through its dedicated website, putting vital decision-making tools at the fingertips of professionals and homeowners alike. The campaign aligns closely with EUMEPS’ ethos, targeting several key pillars: energy efficiency, durability, comfort, safety, and environmental impact. With an eye on Europe’s “FIT for 55” program, this initiative also promises to align the EPS industry more closely with the EU’s ambitious environmental objectives. In short, it’s not merely about marketing EPS; it’s about setting a new industry standard and correcting public misconceptions in the process.



Unifying Voices: Bridging the Communication Gap

One of the most striking features of this campaign is its unifying effect on industry communication. The insulation market has often been fragmented in its messaging, with myths and misconceptions distorting public understanding. Through the #poznajstyropian campaign, the objective is to consolidate industry narratives, ensuring that the information conveyed is not just factual but also comprehensible. By leveraging an array of communication channels on the Polish market—radio spots, industry magazine articles, and a dedicated website— the campaigneffectively addresses diverse needs and interests, from cost considerations to sustainability questions.


Overcoming Industry Challenges: A Path Forward

This ambitious campaign comes at a critical juncture for the building and insulation market, which faces an intricate web of challenges, including stringent energy efficiency requirements, safety protocols, and ambiguities around circular economy rules. Against this backdrop, EUMEPS is optimistic about the industry’s prospects. New government programs, especially in Poland, appear poised to stimulate the market’s growth, and both organisations are bullish on the potential role of EPS in this future landscape.

The #poznajstyropian campaign isn’t just an educational outreach; it’s a multi-faceted, data-driven strategy aiming to elevate the EPS industry. By addressing a diverse audience—individual investors, architects, developers, and contractors—through various communication channels like radio, press, and digital platforms, the campaign offers a comprehensive overview of EPS benefits. With data-backed resources like the energy efficiency calculator, we’re not just inviting questions—we’re providing answers.


So, why just read about the future of insulation when you can be a part of shaping it? Reach out to us for partnership opportunities and engage in a dialogue that will pave the way for a more sustainable, efficient, and safe future. As Europe’s unified voice for the EPS industry, EUMEPS stands ready to guide you through this transformative era. Together, let’s build a future that’s not just resilient but also fundamentally sustainable.