EUMEPS is the voice of the industry

The association for European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene (EUMEPS) is the voice of the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) industry in Europe. Its members cover the entire EPS value chain from raw material suppliers to EPS converters and recyclers as well as supporting industries including machinery and additive suppliers. Members include individual companies as well as 23 European national EPS associations.


Our members are teaching air to protect

EUMEPS represents both large companies and small- and medium-sized converters and recyclers. Altogether it unites more than 1,000 companies, most of them small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

How EPS is made

“Since 1952 we sold you nothing but air.”

When EPS beads are heated with steam, they expand to approximately forty times their original size. These beads can then be covered with steam once again and further processed in to different forms – for example, house insulation, bicycle helmets or fish boxes and much more. This type of EPS consists of a large proportion of air 98 percent air, to be precise. A material that has been tried and tested over such a long time has proven to be outstanding. And our engineers are constantly working on new variations to improve its protection, its recyclability, its insulation properties even more.

National Associations and Converters

Together with our members, we are committed to promoting the benefits of EPS products, and have joined forces to reach the ambitious European recycling targets by 2025.